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Vacation Packages

Orlando Budget Disney Vacation Packages

Orlando Disney Vacation Packages are presented by Orlando At Your Service Inc. Orlando At Your Service Inc is licensed and bonded with the State of Florida and registered as a seller of travel # ST-33319.

The packages listed requires a 90 minutes tour and preview of a Timeshare Resort.You must also be qualified for this promotion.

This advertising material is being used for the purpose of soliciting sales of timeshare periods.

If you desire a vacation package without a tour contact us with your itinerary.

Country Inn & Suites Includes: Price:
6 Days /5 Nights $200 Ticket Voucher $299 + tax!!
5 Days /4 Nights $200 Ticket Voucher $239 + tax!!
4 Days /3 Nights $200 Ticket Voucher $189 + tax!!
4 Days /3 Nights Free Hotel Stay Hotel Tax

Package Includes: Select Hotels within minutes of theme parks, attractions, & shopping malls.
2 free attraction park tickets

(Not per person or per night, it's the total price for up to 4 people) If this, or any of our other packages does not meet your needs, let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to design a custom package.


  • I am married
  • Husband is between the ages of 25 and 65
  • We have an annual household income above $40,000
  • I have an account with a major credit card company


  • I am a single woman meaning I have never been married, am currently legally divorced, or am a widow. (Being separated is not considered single)
  • Between the age 28 and 60
  • Annual household income above $40,000
  • I have an account with a major credit card company

Click here for our newest Orlando Timeshare Vacation Packages

All Timeshare Promotions are highly regulated by each state through registration requirements and are only available in qualified states.

* Attendance at a 90-minute sales presentation is required. A driver's license or photo I.D. and one of the following will be acceptable: Visa, MasterCard, American Express. This offer is available to all residents and citizens of the the United States. This offer is not available for those on student or work visas.

Residents of Brevard, Volusia, Lake, Oseola, Orange, Polk, Seminole, Broward and Miami Dade ounties do not qualify for this offer. Residents of the UK must be married or co-habitating with husband over 30 and a combined income of 35K sterling. In order to tour guest must have spent one night in a local hotel prior to touring.

This offer is valid first visit only, one gift per vehicle, family or group. No campers or pets. You will not be eligible to receive the gift if any of the above qualifications are not met.


If you desire a vacation package without a tour contact us with your itinerary.


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